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MSNBC Host Calls Out MSNBC for Media Bias


"they never say ‘a Clinton appointee'"

You never know what Joe Scarborough will do or say. One day he's donating to conservative candidates, the next he's calling Sarah Palin a "gaudy circus sideshow." Now he's accusing his own network, MSNBC, of bias.

The claim is based on the way the media treats Bush and Reagan-appointed judges. According to Joe, the media makes a point of tying a conservative judge to his presidential appointee, but it doesn't seem to do it for Clinton-appointed judges. That, he says, is wrong.

(via RightScoop)

The Daily Caller reports on what he said:

“I’m just curious, and it was our staff that did it this time – I’m always curious when there is a controversial issue, and [Jon] Meacham, you know this is true, that mainstream media doesn’t like – they always will say ‘a George W. Bush-appointee,’ ‘a Reagan appointee,’” Scarborough said. “It would be legitimate, and you Jon, you know this it to be true when a Democrat does something unpopular, they never say  ‘a Clinton appointee.’ Never, never. Why is that, Jon?”

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