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Update: Gunman Identified in Fla. School Board Shooting



The latest reports out of Florida suggests the armed perpetrator who took over a Bay County school board meeting Tuesday was shot and killed.  The gunman has been identified as Clay Duke, a man whose wife had been recently fired by the school system.  According to news reports, Duke was shot by former school board member and district security chief Mike Jones who was not in attendance at the meeting, but was alerted to the threat.

A local news reporter, Daniel Carson, was present in the meeting and offered this eye-witness account for the police:

"They had just got into the action item portion of the agenda, having a discussion about a revision to school board policy. This guy had been sitting in the back of room, not acting irratically or anything. He got up and walked to podium, but I couldnt see that he had a gun.

"He pulls out a can of red spray paint, muttered something like 'you're a bunch of assholes' to school board ... and draws on the wall a red circle with 'v' through it. He pulls out this gun that turned out to be a cap gun, I think, and he started talking to the school board and told everyone to clear the room except the men on the school board.

"Then Ginger Littleton, I think, swung her purse at him. Nobody knew it was a cap gun. I couldnt tell if he hit her or not, but looked like she kind of went down. She's not injured by the way."

Carson was outside the back door of the room with two others, including Bay Defense Alliance representative Leon Walters and teacher Dianne Wishart, and they cracked the door to see what was happening inside.

"We kept peeking in to make sure he hadn't killed the entire school board. We closed the door, and I heard two pops. Mike Jones must have entered from another door inside the building and shot the guy.

"I went back in there, the guy is on the floor, blood coming out of his head. Bill Husfelt is consoling Mike Jones, they led Mike Jones back to that conference room adjacent to the main board room, all of them consoiling him, and then the police came in."

Duke was reportedly taken out of the building on a stretcher, but no citizens or board members were injured.  Although the shooter is believed to have died, police have offered no official word on his status.


A gunman entered a Panama City, Fla. school board meeting Tuesday afternoon and opened fire, reportedly with his cross-hairs aimed at the school's superintendent. The Associated Press reports:

According to a WMBB reporter at Tuesday's meeting, the man came up to the podium at the Bay District School Board meeting and said that he had a motion. He then pulled out a can of red spray paint and painted a "V" with a circle around it.

Reporter Nadeen Yanes told her station that he then pulled a handgun and started talking.

School Board member Ginger Littleton struck the gunman with her purse and he pushed her to the ground and started firing randomly.

Yanes and other persons in attendance at the meeting ran outside as police entered the building.

Police confirmed that a shooting confirmed but had no further information.


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