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CNN Uses Fla. Shooting to Debate Gun Control


"there has to be a much more aggressive approach"

It was only a matter of time.

Last night's edition of CNN's "Parker/Spitzer" included a debate over gun control sparked by the recent Florida shooting. The question, in short: What can, or should, be done about a crazy man like Clay Duke running around and shooting up a school board?

On the we-need-more-gun-control side was Patterson, New Jersey (a crime-laden city) Jeffery Jones. On the pro-gun side is National Review's Kevin Williamson. But more importantly, taking the gun control side is former NJ Gov. Elliot Spitzer. Not only is he the token liberal on the show but, as the media has reported lately, he's also hijacked the show and taken the spotlight from fellow host, and sort-of conservative Kathleen Parker. So what happens, the segment turns into a we-need-more-gun-control segment real quick, and a gang-up on Williamson.

Here's the clip, where Mayor Jones starts out with a great point, but then comes to the wrong conclusion -- the laws don't stop bad people from getting guns, thus we need a more "aggressive" approach:

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