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Palin Weighs in on Boehner's Crying: Double Standard for Men and Women


"knocked a little bit"

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) -- Sarah Palin says there's a double standard when it comes to politicians who cry in public.

The former Alaska governor and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate says she would be "knocked a little bit" if she cried while giving a speech. But Palin tells ABC's "Good Morning America" that House speaker-in-waiting John Boehner gets a "pass" when he cries in public.

Palin says that's OK, but that it makes women in politics work harder and "be that much tougher." Palin also characterized President Obama as a "flip-flopper" for his recent tax rate compromise.

[Boehner comments begin at 3:20 below]

Palin's comments came in an interview at her lakefront home in Wasilla, Alaska.

She said she is giving a presidential run "prayerful consideration." She says she discounts unfavorable poll numbers and that she if she were to run, she would "be in it to win it."

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