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Punk A** F*ggot!': Documentary Trailer Includes Slur-Shouting Al Sharpton


"You ain't nothing!"

An upcoming documentary about classic TV agitator Morton Downey, Jr. may end up being a great flick. But the film's "star" might not be Downey, but rather Al Sharpton, who is seen in the movie's trailer screaming a gay slur.

The Smoking Gun explains the documentary, Evocateur, focuses on "the acerbic, chain-smoking talk show host" whose "eponymous 1980s program was filmed in Secaucus, New Jersey and whose audience was filled with current and future probationers." Think of it as the pre-cursor to Jerry Springer.

Apparently, the Rev. Al Sharpton was a regular guest on the program. And apparently, he wasn't as "sensitive" back then. TSG explains:

For us, though, the highlight of the the trailer for “Évocateur” is the brief time capsule look at Al Sharpton, then a rotund Brooklyn reverend with a prodigious konk. As seen above, during a commercial break--but while cameras continued rolling--the civil rights leader is seen yelling at an audience member who likely had commented negatively on Sharpton’s weight, race, bow tie, or affiliation with Tawana Brawley. Perhaps all four.

Saying that he was “tired of them acting big,” Sharpton told the unseen audience member, “You ain’t nothing! You a punk faggot!” Gesturing for the Downey fan to come up to the stage and rumble, Sharpton added, “Now come on and do something.” Since becoming a respected leader, Rev. Al has drop

Here's the trailer. The Sharpton bit comes at about 1:40:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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