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Reporter Files First-Hand News Story About Stuck Amtrak Train...Via Twitter


"This is really the trip from HELL!"

Reporters will sometimes go to great lengths to report on a story. Sometimes the story comes them. And when it does, they have to be ready. Like this TV journalist, who got stuck for 10 hours on a broken-down Amtrak train and reported on it live via Twitter.

The "report" was composed of 42 tweets over a 12 hour period, as the train that was headed from Baltimore to Philadelphia lost power, electricity, and heat. Passengers got so angry they stormed the conductor and took over the intercom. The tweets include the reporter admitting he was close to crying and cuddling with the senior citizen next to him for warmth.

This is usually the part in the story where I include an excerpt from the report, but in this era of new journalism, I bring you all 42 tweets from D.C. reporter Stephen Tschida of ABC affiliate WJLA-TV:

(H/T: Gawker)

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