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14-Year-Olds Become Britain's Youngest Parents


A pair of schoolchildren have become Britain's youngest parents, and they're vowing to be good ones.

April Webster gave birth to her son Jamie after unprotected sex with her boyfriend, Nathan Fishbourne, when they were just 13.

The Daily Mail reports:

The pair, from Caerphilly, south Wales, have joined a growing army of child parents now juggling schoolwork with baby care.

April said: ‘Jamie wasn’t planned, but I’m going to be a great mum for him. He’s perfect and I’m going to give him everything he ever wants.’

The youngster discovered she was expecting the day before her 14th birthday and the baby was born via Caesarean section weighing 8lb 14 oz on November 15.

The pair began dating in September last year but were ‘too embarrassed’ to tell their parents they were having sex – or to ask for advice.

Nathan, who has vowed to be a good father, said he used a condom once but did not like it.

Four-week old Jamie is currently living at the home of April and her parents, Maria, 36, and Jeff, 38, while the youngster prepares to continue her schooling.

The young mum and her baby share a room with older sister, Robyn, 17, who is helping with bottle-feeding.

Nathan hopes to have the baby at the weekends, but custody arrangements have caused arguments between the young couple. It is uncertain whether they will stay together, as they are undergoing a ‘cooling off period’.

Read the rest of the story at the Daily Mail.

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