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Coach Takes Obama Phone Call During Press Conference


"Nah, you're not interrupting anything."

Last night, the University of Connecticut women's basketball team set the record for the longest win streak in basketball history at 89 consecutive games. They broke the record set by the UCLA men's team from the 70s.

As is normal, the president called head coach Geno Auriemma to congratulate. What was abnormal, is that the president called during Auriemma's post-game press conference, and Auriemma answered -- in front of everyone. The conversation played out in front of reporters and TV cameras:

(H/T: SportsGrid)

President Obama was not the only politician paying attention to the game. The Associated Press caught Connecticut Attorney General, and Senator-elect, Dick Blumenthal in attendance (above the player's left hand):


The website Jezebewl has a better picture of Blumenthal's cameo:

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