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MTV to Air Special on Pregnant Teens Getting Abortions


"Nearly a third of all teen pregnancies end in abortion."

After showcasing dozens of teen mothers on the cable network's "16 and Pregnant," MTV now plans to air a special on would-be teen moms getting abortions.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the special report will air three days after Christmas -- Dec. 28 at 11:30 p.m. -- and will follow one "16 and Pregnant" teen mom as she debates whether or not she should have an abortion to end her latest pregnancy.

The special must come as welcome news to blogger Jessica Valenti who has encouraged MTV to help "destigmatize" the practice and wondered earlier this year, "Where are the pregnant teens who choose not to stay pregnant? Where are the abortions?"

I realize that it’s controversial to document a teenager who decides to end their pregnancy, but the fact is that nearly a third of all teen pregnancies end in abortion. But if you were to watch MTV, you’d never know that – you’d think all young women choose to go through with the pregnancy. ...

If MTV wants to take the lead in a national conversation about teenage pregnancy, they have to tell the whole story.

The teen abortion special, titled "No Easy Decision," will also feature Hollywood doctor extraordinaire Dr. Drew Pinsky who will talk with young women who have already had abortions. MTV sources say the documentary will cover all sides of the issue, including the importance of contraception and the devastating effects of facing such a decision.

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