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Fore! Errant Golf Ball Almost Takes out Obama


Could it be that all the president's golfing is catching up with him?

During a round on Tuesday in Hawaii, a shot by one of Obama's partners came withing two feet of hitting the president:

The New York Times reports:

The pool of reporters traveling with Mr. Obama was allowed to watch from a balcony overlooking the course, where about 30 camera-toting onlookers also stood. Mr. Obama approached the green driving his own cart, with his left leg dangling out of the vehicle.

He shot a 5 on the ninth hole. At one point, as Dr. Whitaker took his approach shot from behind a tree in the rough, the ball whizzed past the president, missing him by about two feet.

The president is known for his frequent golf trips. Upon hearing that the president has taken to the links over 50 times since being inaugurated, John Kim, a producer for golf's PGA.com, took to Twitter to criticize the president in a series of tweets (responding to Human Events editor Emily Miller):

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