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Olbermann Attacks Fox, O'Reilly With Profanity Tweets: '100% Bullsh**


"& if you believe them you're full of bullsh**"

Keith Olbermann has never been accused of having too much little candor. Wednesday evening he proved why.

In response to criticism over how he can support a liberal outpost like the blog the Daily Kos, Olbermann decided to unload on his rival network Fox and especially Bill O'Reilly.

It started with this:

Then he clarified and reiterated:

Not satisfied with simply criticizing Fox News, Olbermann went after one of Fox's top personalities, Bill O'Reilly:

Then he got cute by retweeting a readers message about manure:

He ended the twitter tirade by then attacking those who believe Fox News:

A refined gentleman.


Daily Rushbo has turned the tweets into a slideshow:

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