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Shocking Vid: Man Beats Cameraman With a Stick Over Animal Cruelty Story


"Call the law! Call the law!"

When a news crew from WGHP in North Carolina was sent to investigate reports of animal cruelty, they probably never imagined to catch pictures of themselves being beaten. But that's exactly what happened.

The news crew originally went to catch footage of horses that were reportedly being neglected. The cameraman, identified as Chris Weaver, set up his camera on the side of the road and started recording. That's when Kirkus -- the horses' owner -- spotted him, and came running after Weaver with a large stick. The video shows Kirkus swinging at Weaver multiple times, Weaver pleading with Kirkus not to hit him, and then picks up the loud thump of when Kirkus ignores those pleas and connects:

According to WGHP, Kirkus was arrested and charged with two felonies -- including assault with a deadly weapon -- and the crew escaped without any serious injuries. Although the sheriff's office admitted it has received calls about the horses welfare in the past, it said their treatment does not amount to abuse.

WGHP also cut a shorter version of the attack for their website:

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