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Can We Get Someone To Shoot Sarah Palin?': Twitter Users Call for Palin's Death


"I hope Sarah Palin dies an ugly death..."

The tweets are stunning, disturbing, and downright shocking.

After the left shamelessly began its campaign to connect Saturday's shooting to Sara Palin, Twitter users quickly picked up on the sentiment and responded with violent, hateful speech. Some were succinct: "I hope Sarah Palin dies." Others were prophetic: "So...will everyone be satisfied then when Palin is assassinated? You know she's next." And some were downright vulgar: "Palin is a murdering bi*** who deserves a crosshair on HER house so Al-Qaeda can come shoot HER family. See how that feels, republican trash."

But they are all wrong:

[CONTENT WARNING: Some of the language is extremely graphic and disturbing.]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/QxgJKNpjSNI?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]


One of the Twitter users seen in the video montage (which The Blaze did not produce) claims she is a "Reagan conservative" whose tweet was taken out of context. Rather than wishing for Palin's death, she says she was expressing her disgust over others blaming Palin and predicting that some radicals may now target the conservative politician. She's written a blog post defending herself and her tweet, and explains:

Thus, it didn’t occur to me that my tweet, made in conversation with someone else, in response to my utter disgust with the immediate blaming of Sarah Palin for Saturday’s shooting of a Congresswoman would be taken as a threat against Palin and/or a wish for her death. [Emphasis hers]

The tweet in question, seen about 44 seconds into the video, is below:

The following day, she re-tweeted the following:

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