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Liberal Radio Host Fantasizes About Choking Rush Limbaugh


"I wish I could."

This latest "vitriolic rhetoric" comes as so many are requesting people tone it down. Liberal radio host Mike Malloy excuses his own disturbing fantasy of choking Limbaugh, however, noting that he's just doing it because others won't.

"The rhetoric that comes from me is the rhetoric of rage...and, um, have their been violent images? Of course. Rush Limbaugh choking on his throat fat - that you know, to me, is not a threat - I can't - I wish I could, but I can't reach into his throat and jiggle up his throat fat so he suffocates - I can't do it. ...

"The rhetoric that comes from me is rhetoric that is inspired by the rage that generates in me because organizations like Keith Olbermann's employer -- not Olbermann -- but his employer, NBC, or ABC, or CBS, I mean, they're all guilty, refuse to do anything but find false equivalency. And his employer, NBC, would rather -- I don't know -- drink a vat of baby vomit than actually publicize the anti-war movement -- the peace movement -- in this country," Malloy says.

h/t Radio Equalizer

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