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MSNBC host falsely accuses Glenn of murder... again


Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ (get it? ‘Joe’ could mean either coffee OR the host… brilliant!) has just penned a really gracious, non-sarcastic apology to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin via Politico. Check out this super classy, heartfelt plea for forgiveness from the host who embarrassed himself by rushing to blame Beck and Palin for the Safeway shootings (sans the facts, of course).

“We get it, Sarah Palin. You’re not morally culpable for the tragic shooting in Tucson, Ariz. All of us around the “Morning Joe” table agree, even if we were stunned that you would whine about yourself on Facebook as a shattered family prepared to bury their 9-year-old girl."

How is issuing a rebuttal statement after the entire MSM blames you for a violent murder spree ‘whining’ about yourself? Actually, that seems pretty darn reasonable. In fact, it’s a far more measured response compared to what Joe Scarborough did after one lone liberal blogger sarcastically suggested Scarborough’s involvement in a murder. He took to Twitter:

“JoeNBC: Anyone in media who interviews @markos, know that you're extending your credibility to someone who regularly suggests that I'm a murderer.”

NBC News President Phil Griffin promptly banned the blogger from appearing on the network. ONE GUY made a stupid, jokey comment. Palin had the entire media trying to pin the acts of a madman on HER. Who sounds like the whiney self-obsessed wuss now, Joe?

Glenn was next in, dare I say it, Joe’s ‘crosshairs’ (duck!):

“The same goes for you, Glenn Beck. You’ve attacked your political opponents with words designed to inspire hatred”

Hmm, you mean words like Faith, Hope, Charity? Pray? Humility? Reverence? Thrift? Honesty? Hard work? Turn to God? Personal responsibility? Gratitude? Oooh, scary! Joe continues…

"but it did not lead a mentally disturbed man to take a Glock to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s “Congress on Your Corner” event. Good on ya, buddy. You weren’t personally responsible for the slaughter at the Safeway. Maybe you can put it on a poster at the next “Talkers” convention”

Good on ya, buddy? Who says that? Why not toss a dungarees reference in there for good measure. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know – the Talkers convention is a convention for those in the radio industry. An industry Joe Scarborough is no longer part of because failed to attract any fans. Not surprising, considering his TV show doesn’t attract any fans – one look at his lifeless Twitter history and you’ll see why:

  • “Go Mizzou!”
  • “Happy Thanksgiving!
  • “Keep calm and carry on”

Dang, Joe, you send a thrill up my leg, bro. It’s hard to imagine why no one cares about his opinion on anything – well, almost anything. There is one exception: when he criticizes a conservative---but mostly when he criticizes Glenn Beck. See, that’s the trick these days for irrelevant political hacks: start bashing your own party and voila! The other party suddenly loves you because ‘hey, he’s a Republican, and even he thinks they’re stupid! Congratulations, Joe Scarborough, you are the new Scott McClellan of the Republican party! How does it feel?

It’s actually kind of sad. Scarborough seeks validation of his existence through a media audience. Since he couldn’t get one, he completely changed his views in order to appeal to elitist leftist snobs.

“But before you and the pack of right-wing polemicists who make big bucks spewing rage on a daily basis”

Polemicists? Dude, you aren’t fooling anyone. We know you Googled that.

Scarborough hits a low point in his mindless rant when he recycles talking points from the less than human slimeballs over at Media Matters:

“Just because the dots between violent rhetoric and violent actions don’t connect in this case doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the possibility — or, as many fear, the inevitability — that someone else will soon draw the line between them. Actually, someone already has. When you get a minute, Google “Byron Williams” and “Tides Foundation” to see just how thin a layer of ice Beck skates on every day.”

Well I did search Google and here’s what I found:

“Freeway gunman Byron Williams says Glenn Beck did not incite him to violence”

This accusation by Scarborough is disgusting. And you'd think Mr-I-get-people-blacklisted who falsely accuse someone of murder would see the folly in falsely accusing someone of murder - yet he continues to do just that. Not only is it a pathetic, weak argument to blame anyone OTHER than a crazy shooter for their shootings – it is a blatant lie. Notice how he says 'try Googling Byron Williams' - he doesn't say it, but he knows what site is going to come up: Media Matters.

I don’t know how Joe sleeps at night. He’s basing his entire career on bashing Glenn, but claims he never watches Glenn’s show. How can he bash it if he’s never seen it? Obviously Joe just reads Media Matters and repeats it. That’s what most people at MSNBC do.

Here’s a crazy concept, Joe – why not watch Glenn’s show, and think for yourself.

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