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Richard Dreyfuss Defends Ed Schultz's Anti-Cheney Death Wish


"That’s actually kind of a beautifully phrased way of saying something..."

In this era of railing against anti-hate rhetoric, one has to wonder how a liberal actor would defend hateful comments made by a liberal media personality. If the actor is Academy Award-winner Richard Dreyfuss, the defense would go something like calling said comments "beautifully phrased."

On his March 11, 2009 radio program, MSNBC host Ed Schultz said he wished that "enemy of the country" and former Vice President Dick Cheney would be taken by God to "the Promised Land." Considering those comments and the push by the left to bash conservatives as hate-spewing, violent people, CNS News recently asked Dreyfuss how he would categorize those statement.

"No, that’s not uncivil. That’s actually kind of a beautifully phrased way of saying something that could be uncivil," Dreyfuss told CNS reporter Nicholas Ballasy. "Civility is not not saying negative or harsh things. It is not the absence of critical analysis. It is the manner in which we are sharing this territorial freedom of political discussion. If our discourse is yelled and screamed and interrupted and patronized, that’s uncivil. I don’t care what the issue is and I don’t care who the people and the players are."

The double standard at this point is laughable.

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