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A 'New' Light Bulb Even Glenn Beck Could Like?


We all know how Glenn has an entrenched hatred of compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, favoring the classic Edison-inspired, non-toxic, government-banned incandescent bulb.

But in the latest example of fine American ingenuity, Cree has invented a new "no compromise" LED replacement bulb for a 60-watt incandescent.

While it's still a bit funny looking, will the new interchangeable energy-saving bulb be enough to win over Beck?

via engadget:

That bulb is dimmable, and emits a "beautiful, warm, incandescent-like color of 2700 K," while delivering more than 800 lumens and consuming less than 10 watts (meeting the Energy Star requirements for a 60-watt standard LED replacement bulb). Unfortunately, there's one big catch -- the bulb is still just a prototype, and Cree says it hasn't yet decided how it will bring it to market, or how much it might cost.

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