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We Should Attack Sweden


The idea occurred to me while reading a report titled "Sweden Runs Out Of Soldiers." You see, last year the country abolished their conscription policy in favor of a smaller volunteer army with higher standards. The problem is recruitment levels are not where they wanted them. They are weak. Weak and full of gorgeous blondes.

According to the report:

...the new plan, to recruit 16,000 volunteers by 2014, is already in trouble. So far, only half the needed recruits are joining.

It goes on to say that because of the shortfall, career soldiers would increasingly be sent on peacekeeping missions. And we all know that peacekeeping is totally boring! You don't get to use any of the cool weapons - just very expensive binoculars. As a result, the authors of the report expect more Swedish soldiers to get disenchanted and leave the military.

A weakened Sweden filled with gorgeous blondes who speak English better than many Americans, all the meatballs, the smörgåsbords and the potential discounts on Volvos - it seems like a no-brainer.

I'm no military strategist, though I'm very good at playing Risk. I'm certain we could be the boss of them before you could say Mission Accomplished.

via Strategy Page.

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