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See Sunday's Best Super Bowl Commercials Before They Air


**Spoiler Alert!**

For many people, Super Bowl Sunday is as much about the commercials as it is about the game. A single 30-second ad spot costs millions of dollars, meaning companies save their best for the big day. Understanding our insatiable desire for insider information, the crew over at Business Insider has put together a collection of the 24 best Super Bowl commercials viewers will see on Sunday.

Here's the site's tease:

So instead of waiting until Sunday — when everyone at your party will only distract you from the commercials that everyone will be talking about at work on Monday — check them out now and tell us your favorites. (We've also included some "teaser" ads that are being used to promote the main ad that will air during the game.)

And here are some of the best ads. Go to Business Insider to see the rest.

My personal favorite, the four-feet tall Darth Vader Volkswagen spot:

There's a new secret government agency and a "test baby:"

And you can always bet will produce a steamy-ish ad:

Chevy and "Transformers" has a dual commercial that might also become a hit:

Don't pretend you haven't been tempted to do this same thing:

And finally, these E-Trade baby "outtakes" didn't make it into the final Super Bowl commercial, but many (like me) can't wait for the final version:

See all 24 ads (some of which are "teasers") at Business Insider.

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