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14-Year-Old Sent Home From UK School for Looking Too Old


British educators are concerned that a 14 year old transfer student from Malawi is a "child protection risk" because they suspect him to be 24 and not 14.

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Prince Summerfield is taller than most of the other students and when the young man was asked the year of his birth, he incorrectly stated "1986" and then correct himself and said, "1996."  By then it was too late, suspicions were raised and the inquisition had begun.  The school's headmaster asked Prince's parents for a birth certificate and they produced it.  The papers did state that the young man was born September 24, 1996, but Headmaster Nigel Poole felt as if the parents produced the documents "too quickly" as if they were expecting a challenge.

Mom and Dad Summerfield are quite distressed by the allegations as Mrs. Summerfield would have been just 5 years old if Prince was born in 1986.  They are considering legal action against the school.

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