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Joan Rivers' Foul Proclamation (and Advice for Obama) Gets 'The Last Word


As Keith Olbermann plots his return to TV, he must certainly be squirming at what has filled his former time slot.

Just last night, Lawrence O'Donnell's final segment on The Last Word featured an extended interview with Joan Rivers that featured some fairly substantial shots at President Obama, beauty advice for Rachel Maddow and Rivers' own assessment of her sexual merit.

The interview included Joan Rivers telling the proud Progressive host that the President should:

"Get to work!"

And Joan also questioned the wisdom of the Obamas bouncing off to vacation in Cape Cod after telling the people to visit the Gulf of Mexico.  She thought the President was "stupidly advised" also stating quite clearly;

"When the country's in a recession, don't send your wife and 40 friends to Europe."

O'Donnell objected to most of Joan's Obama assessments and bristled when she brought up the Death Tax:

It all wrapped up with Joan delivering hair and makeup tips to Rachel Maddow.

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