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O'Reilly's HATE Question -- Was It Out Of Line or Even Rare?


As most folks were Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Super Bowl commercials and the actual game, the news channels spent time on Bill O'Reilly's interview with the President. MSNBC's Morning Joe seemed to be less concerned with some of the very telling comments as MJ's house mother, Mika Brezezinsky focused on manners and the propriety of Bill O'Reilly's questions.

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Perhaps Mika had gotten a text message from former speaker Nancy Pelosi who was also wondering about the appropriateness of that question (as reported here yesterday).

And maybe, just maybe MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell was also bcc'd on Pelosi's message because he too mentioned ONLY that question;

Most memorable question of the night? O’Reilly asked, “does it bother you that so many people hate you?”

O'Donnell's blog also counted how many times the President was interrupted by Mr. O'Reilly.  (They claim it was 40.)

For the record, asking a President how they feel about the people who hate them is nothing new to Bill O'Reilly.  Back in November of 2010, O'Reilly sat down with the former President asked how he felt about being hated by people in the media as well as others.  (The hate topic starts about 9:00.)

It is curious that a major news channel is more focused on the reporter's comportment and not the content delivered to the audience.

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