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Shock Video: Muslim Mob Kills 3 in Religious Rampage


Shocking video of religious violence in central Java, Indonesia surfaced over the weekend, showing a mob of Muslim men using stones, sticks, and machetes to beat members of a minority Muslim sect, leaving three dead. The deaths preceded a separate group's attack on Christians in western Java Tuesday which left two churches ransacked and burned.

The first attack, from Sunday, occurred when a large Muslim mob, reportedly numbering 1,500, attacked the house of about 20 worshipers from a minority sect called Ahmadiyah. The worshipers were forced to strip before they were beaten:

[Content WARNING: The following videos contain graphic images.]

[youtube expand=1]

Al Jazeera provides more information:

[youtube expand=1]

Two people have apparently been detained in connection to the beatings, while 13 others are being questioned.

In a separate incident on Tuesday, another Muslim mob became enraged after a Christian man was sentenced to five years in jail for distributing leaflets deemed insulting to Islam. The mob wanted the death penalty. When the sentence was announced, the group stormed the courthouse and torched two nearby Christian churches.

The attacks are apparently a growing trend in Indonesia, reports the Sydney Morning Herald:

Attacks on Christian churches have also risen greatly in recent years; there were 75 last year. Yesterday a 1500-strong mob burned and ransacked two churches in Temanggung, Central Java, destroying one of them. A nearby school was also reportedly badly damaged.

The attacks come as the county celebrates "interfaith harmony week."

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