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Top 5 Brawl Videos of the Month...So Far


You may have noticed that recently there have been a string of "brawl" videos streaking across the internet. We've noticed it, and we periodically feature them. It's hard to pinpoint the cause. Are the fights the result of increasing disrespect, unrest, or the death of reticence. Or, has the age of the easily-accessible video camera only allowed us to capture fights that have always taken place?

We're not sure. But what we do know is that the videos exist. Some of you might watch them because of the shock value, while others of you might watch because you think the videos are evidence of a larger problem. And for others, the reason might be a combination of both. Whatever the reason, it seems February has already played host to a number of these videos. Instead of bringing them to you one-by-one, we thought we would feature the "top" ones of the month -- so far. Here they are.

In a Utah courtroom last week, a murder victim's brother attacked the killer:

A high school soccer goalie faces felony charges for a fight last week in Live Oak, FL:

The Fresno State women's college basketball team got in a brawl on the court recently while playing in Louisiana:

Pandemonium erupted at a boy's high school basketball game near Baltimore:

And finally, some teen girls near Salt Lake City started their own "fight club":

Considering how frequently these videos are starting to pop up, stay tuned. We're only eight days into the month.

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