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Man Watching 'Goodfellas' Is Hit in Head by Random Gunshot


"I'm shot!"

Jim Freeman was sitting at home, watching a movie and eating Chinese take-out when a stray bullet pierced the wall and door of his Palm Harbor apartment Monday night, striking him in the face.

"Oh, my gosh," the 40-year-old psychologist thought. "I better call 911 before I pass out."

Jim's wife of 20 years, Denise, was still shaken up Tuesday after visiting her husband at his hospital bedside. "It's a very scary thing, not to be able to feel safe in your own home with something as random and freaky as this," Denise told WTSP. "He's watching a movie and then all the sudden he goes, 'I'm shot!'"

He was struck in the left cheek by one of the bullets, which became lodged in the right side of his face. An inch in either direction and Jim might have been killed.

"He said 'It's funny to say this, but that it's lucky it didn't hit him somewhere else,'" Denise recalled.

According to local news reports, police are still looking for where the shots may have come from, suggesting they may have traveled a good distance before hitting Jim's apartment. Their initial feeling is that the gunshots were fired at a separate apartment complex located across a divided highway and through a thick set of trees. As for who fired the guns, police are unsure, but speculate that the individuals were shooting at vehicles in the apartment's parking lot, thought it's unclear at this point if they were targeting an individual, or just shooting at random cars.

Ironically enough, Denise says her husband was watching the mobster movie "Goodfellas" when he was shot.

"He said he heard five shots and then he felt something hit him, and knew he was hit," she said.

As for Jim, doctors are debating whether to leave the bullet lodged in his head or risk further damage trying to remove it.

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