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Rand Paul Fires Back: Trump's Chances in 2012 are 'Less Than My Father's


After America's most famous businessman, Donald Trump, took to the CPAC stage Thursday and declared Rep. Ron Paul potential 2012 presidential campaign DOA, the Texas Republican's son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, fired back.

In an interview with CNN, the younger Paul stood up for his dad and said Trump will regret taking a swipe at his old man.  "I think it was probably a mistake for him to say in that crowd," Paul joked, noting that the CPAC crowd often boasts a large Ron Paul base of supporters.

When asked by CNN about Trump's chances of winning in 2012, Sen. Paul said he considered making a joke about that topic during his own CPAC remarks, but decided to take the high road.  When pressed, Paul smiled and said that Trump's "chances are less than my father's."

During his brief remarks before the conservative political action group Thursday, Paul encouraged the tea party to continue protecting the Constitution and jokingly pointed to some government programs as unnecessary, including the "Energy Star" program which approved an "air freshener" that consisted of an oscillating fan with an attached feather duster, and a gasoline-powered alarm clock that promised to reduce electricity usage -- both of which he claimed received the "Energy Star" seal of approval.

Click here to view Sen. Rand Paul's CPAC remarks.

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