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Don Imus Says He's a Fan of 'Scary', 'Insane' Glenn Beck


Speaking with Fox News' Shep Smith Friday morning, radio and Fox Business personality Don Imus ran through his list of favorite Fox News characters, which included Smith, Neil Cavuto, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck. While he says O'Reilly is also a bit insane, Imus said he really likes Glenn, even though he's both "insane" and "scary."

"He could be right, too," Imus noted about Glenn's apparent scariness. "He's a nice man, has a great sense of humor. So he's insane," Imus shrugged.

"We all are on some level," Smith added. (~3:00 mark)

And because poking fun at the questionable sanity of our boss is all in good fun, enjoy this bonus recent Imus segment, aptly titled "Has Glenn Beck lost it?"

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