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Iranian Leaders Call for Execution of Protesters


The media blackout from Iran has made it almost impossible to get any news about the reported tens of thousands who took to the streets yesterday.  The New York Times estimated that 35,000 were on the street, but insiders are saying the numbers were in the hundreds of thousands.  Iran's Day Of Rage received a stern response from the iron-fisted rulers who would like the protesters "tried and executed." Police in anti-riot gear swarmed the streets using tear gas and batons to gain control of the groups. NBC News is reporting that two protesters were killed, dozens injured and untold numbers arrested.

Insiders who can get emails and calls out of Iran are reporting that the country's state run media is thrilled that Sec. of State Clinton has spoken out on the protests.  They are using the American State Department Farsi Twitter account as proof that the Greens (the central group behind the protests) are merely a puppet of America and the West.

Very little video from yesterdays protests has made it to the web.

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