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Chris Matthews Declares 2012 Race Futile, GOP Has No Candidates...


We are 629 days away from the next Presidential election in America and last night Chris Matthews once again declared his belief that President Obama is in a different class than anyone on the planet, and certainly not one member of the GOP is in his league.

Mr. Matthews' devotion to Barack Obama is well documented, it started during the 2008 Primary season when he declared on live television that candidate Obama had the ability to send a thrill up his leg.  Even the now-exiled Keith Olbermann realized the folly of that future YouTube viral moment.

Let's get back to last night's bizarre Matthews Moment...  We knew of his undying love for the President and general dismissal of all things GOP, so why was he ranting about the 2012 elections this early?  Nobody in the GOP has officially declared themselves a candidate just yet.  So what is at the root of this?  Back to the video please;

Oh, that's it!  The GOP must know (as Mr Matthews does), that within their ranks is not a single candidate that can defeat this President, so they are just going to attack him.

But wait, there's more!

The survey of 400 Republican Primary voters that Matthews quotes here was released yesterday.  Expect MSNBC and much of the liberal media to seize on the "birther" issue so often used to paint anyone who opposes the President into the crazy corner.  But the birthers were not the real target of this closing show screed.  No sir, he's still lazer focused on his main target, the guy who airs across from him at 5pm EST and generally earns 2-3xs the audience of "Hardball", Glenn Beck;

There's that C-word again.  CALIPHATE.  (Sidebar; the International Islamic Unity Conference starts this week in Tehran)

Chris Matthews owns two hours of precious broadcast real estate on a major cable network and instead of venturing into journalism, he chooses to spend much of his airtime telling us how great his candidate is, how crazy GOP, Tea Party  members are, and throwing rocks at his competition. Why?

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