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Good God, Man!': Fox News Anchor Hammers Wisc. Labor Activist for Teacher 'Sick-Out' Protest


"A very bad example to send to young children."

After thousands of Wisconsin teachers called in sick Wednesday and took students to protest against spending cuts at the state capitol, a fired-up Stuart Varney didn't hesitate to criticize Robert Craig, executive director for Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a group supporting labor unions' objections to Republican Gov. Scott Walker's budget plan.

As Jonathon reported, proposed restrictions on unions' collective bargaining rights have many public workers up in arms in Madison.  But how responsible is it for teachers to use taxpayer-paid sick time to demand they be paid more?

It's "a very bad example to send to young children," Varney warned.

Kraig defended the organized protests as a necessary roadblock to the governor's controversial proposal.  When confronted with video of teachers "using their students as political props," Kraig praised the teachers and students' involvement for "standing up for their fundamental human rights."

Kraig also insisted that "collective bargaining laws in Wisconsin were created in the first place to create labor stability so that you didn't have any kind of public service disruptions."

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