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NYU Fellow Posts Appalling Tweets in Response to Reporter's Sexual Assault


"...we should at least remember her role as a major war monger."

A journalist and NYU law fellow has had to apologize after he posted some appalling, and insensitive, Twitter messages in response to news that CBS reporter Lara Logan was sexually assaulted by a mob while in Egypt.

The messages from Nir Rosen began appearing yesterday afternoon after news of the assault broke. Initially, he brushed off Logan's attack, saying that in a crowd of people such actions are to be expected. But the tweets became more angry as time passed, and Rosen's anti-war beliefs quickly fused with a surprising insensitivity. The tweets begin at the bottom of each section:

[WARNING: the messages do contain some graphic language and have not been redacted]

Eventually, Rosen seemed to realize his comments were inappropriate. At one point, he said he was done tweeting, but subsequent tweets did appear on his account:

In his most recent tweet, Rosen again tries to pass off the comments as jokes that got out of hand:

According to NRO, Rosen deleted other tweets, including one that mentioned Logan having a desire to "outdo" Anderson Cooper, the CNN reporter who was beaten by a mob in Cairo.

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