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Government Shutdowns? Not By The GOP, But By DEMS in Wisconsin!


Talk of a threatened government shutdown was everywhere today.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused House Speaker John Boehner of using the shutdown threat.  But Boehner has not said that, and if you look closer, you will see that Democrats are the ones shutting down governments around the country.  In Wisconsin, the State government has been put on hold because 14 Democrats skipped town, crossing the border into Illinois where they are currently "on the lam", preventing ANY votes from taking place.

The State of New York is also dealing with the threat of a shutdown, but it comes not from Republicans, but from the newly elected Democrat Governor Cuomo;

But this is nothing new to Democrats, back in 2003, a group of Texas State lawmakers (all Democrats), left the state for two days, shutting down the entire government. CNN reported;

"There's 51 of us here today, and a quorum of the Texas House of Representatives will not meet without us," said state Rep. Jim Dunnam, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. He spoke with reporters outside a hotel in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where the Democrats have holed up.

So there it is, Democrats have a history of doing what so many on MSNBC have accused the GOP of threatening to do  - SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT.   It is not the GOP denying the process, but the Democrats.

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