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Steve Jobs? Just Six Weeks To Live?


"close to terminal"

It was just one month ago that we reported (along with most of the media) that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was taking his third medical leave in a seven year period.

As Mr. Jobs and other leaders in America's high tech businesses are meeting with the President today in California, there is a report circling the globe that Apple's iconic CEO is very ill and may have as little as six weeks to live.

A February 8th National Enquirer story that included the grave speculation from doctors analyzing photos of  a very skinny Jobs leaving the same cancer clinic where Patrick Swayze was treated in his battle against pancreatic cancer. The tabloid reports Dr. Gabe Mirkin's analysis;

"He is terminal. What you are seeing is extreme muscle wasting from calorie depravation, most likely caused by cancer."

Dr Samuel Jacobson who works in critical care is reported to have seen the photos and said that Steve Jobs looked to be "close to terminal" adding "I would say he has six weeks."

Much of what is reported in supermarket tabloids like the Enquirer rarely gains traction outside the gossip world, but we are seeing this story popping up in other media outlets like The Times of India and Toronto Sun.

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