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Let Me See if I Have This Straight...


Maybe I'm just not getting it, but let me see if I have today's story about the recorded prank call between Wisconsin Gov. Walker and a radio host he thought was supporter (and billionaire) David Koch correct:

1. Radio host gets through to a busy Governor using false pretenses.

2. Radio host lies to sitting Governor about his identity.

3. Radio host secretly tapes the 20 minute call.

4. Gov. Walker spends 20 minutes saying THE EXACT SAME THINGS in an allegedly private call as he has been saying in public.

5. Despite fake-Koch saying ridiculously baiting things like "we're going to crush these bastards" the Governor responds with lines like: "We’re doing the just and right thing for the right reasons. It's all about getting our freedom back."

6. Radio host, after getting NOTHING inflammatory, releases the audio-tape thereby (I assume?) breaking a whole host of federal and/or state and/or local and/or ethical laws.

But the best part is the absolutely puzzling reaction from some liberals. On the DailyKos, for example, one story's headline uses the word "Busted" and the author writes: "you will be just as outraged as I was when I first heard the tape." She never goes into exactly what I'm supposed to be outraged about, other than, I guess, the fact that a politician would even take a call from a major donor. The nerve!  I'd sure like her to explain where my outrage should be because, right now, I'm having trouble mustering any.

Another article, this one on the Huffington Post, lists 6 big revelations from the call. The "top" 5 aren't even worth mentioning. #6 is:

6. Walker is corrupt.

Although early in Walker says they are investigating the Democratic Senators to see if they are committing ethics violations by accepting union funds, when the fake David Koch says he will fly Walker "out to Cali and really show you a good time," Walker responds by saying "that would be outstanding."

Wow, that is so far beyond a reasonable doubt that any jury in America would instantly convict him. He replied "outstanding" when propositioned with a hypothetical trip at an undetermined future time by a radio guy posing as a donor. LOCK HIM UP!!!

I'm sorry, but my expectations of politicians are so low right now that if you told me you had any one of them on the phone for 20 minutes under false pretenses my mind would start running with the possibilities of things they might say: Admitting to massive frauds? A given. Breaking loads of federal election laws? Without a doubt. Taking responsibility for unsolved rapes ad murders? Wouldn't surprise me.

The fact that Gov. Walker didn't do any of things and instead stuck to his very public and principled stance only makes me like him that much more--and dislike those who want to trap and manufacture outrage where none is appropriate.

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