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Shame on The Daily Show


I'm fairly certain that the brains behind the multiple-Emmy winning DAILY SHOW w/Jon Stewart would prefer that this video drift into obscurity. Here's hoping it goes viral.

It's painful to watch, I know, but it must be seen to fully appreciate how disgusting it is.  The camel is abused and appears to have caught it's hind leg in one of the metal barriers.  The distress is evident visually and also heard in the sounds made by the unfortunate animal.  PETA, are you out there?

So what was the purpose here?  What brilliant comedic concept was being developed?  Stewart's high-brow program was allegedly drawing a parallel between the teachers union protests in Madison Wisconsin to the riots and revolution in Cairo where government-sponsored thugs rode into the crowds on camels whipping and beating their fellow citizens because they were trying to overthrow an oppressive ruler.

Fail, both comedically and from a humane standpoint.

In this longer clip you actually hear it explained that this is "for a bit we're shooting for the Daily Show."

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