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Donald Rumsfeld Refuses to Deny That He Is a Baby-Eating Lizard From Outer Space


"Are you a lizard? Are you a lizard person?"

I'm pretty confident that Donald Rumsfeld probably had a decent briefing by his public relations person that the his book-tour interview on "The Opie & Anthony Show" on Sirius XM Radio might get a little dicey.  O&A is not exactly Charlie Rose.  Comedian Louis C.K. was sitting in on the program this week during the Rumsfeld interview segment.  He decide that the pressing question for Rumsfeld involves a theory of reptilian origination:  "Are you a lizard? Are you a lizard person?"  And it goes down hill from there.

Before you conclude that the question is ridiculous, consider this from Salon:

C.K. is referencing the theories of former sportscaster and internationally renowned conspiracy researcher David Icke, who has worked for years now to expose the shape-shifting reptilian Anunnaki gods from the constellation Draco. Disguised as humans, they secretly rule the world.

For a more reasonable interview with Rumsfeld (with Rush Limbaugh!) click here.

I'm betting Rumsfeld has a new PR person by Monday.

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