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Shocking Vid: Car Plows Through Pack of Brazilian Bike Riders


The video is shocking. During a Critical Mass bike ride in Brazil on Friday, a car plowed through the pack, sending cyclists shooting into the air and flying over the hood:

Another version of video shows a clearer picture of the incident (staring at 1:10):

Gawker reports the driver of the car was trying to get away from cyclists at the back of the pack who were threatening him and his 15-year-old son:

The highly disturbing video shows several riders piling up on the hood of the car before being thrown to the pavement. Richard Neis has been identified locally as the driver of the car and according to his lawyer, Neis was being threatened by cyclists at the back of the group. Also in the car was his 15-year-old son, who told a local newspaper that riders had been banging on the sides of the car and his father had sped up to get away from them.

Eight people were taken to the hospital out of the ten reported injuries.

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