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Young Madison Socialist Reveals Popular 'Noodles & Company' Restaurant Is Actually Harsh 'Dictatorship


"If he doesn't want to cooperate with us, he's against us."

Don't be deceived. Noodles & Company may look like a friendly neighborhood "fast casual" restaurant, but there is something much more sinister going on.

Their menu items look tempting.  The Bangkok Curry might be a good choice:

The nationwide chain has several locations in Madison, Wisconsin.  One young socialist, Rob Lewis, who is involved in the protests around Madison is now blowing the lid off the real story.

The videomaker notes:

Aaron Kennedy, the founder of Noodles, grew up on a farm with few to no connections to money. Like my friend Rob, Kennedy also studied at the University of Wisconsin. At 29, while eating at a Chinese restaurant, Kennedy had an idea, and scribbled his business plan on a napkin.

Scraping some money together from his friends and family and maxing out eight credit cards, Kennedy opened the first Noodles in his basement, and then put together a team with whom he’d build and operate 100 Noodles branches all on their own. It is now a $75 million franchise with 240 locations in 18 different states, providing jobs to over 3,000 employees just like Rob. This is what the American Dream looks like.

Under Lewis’ vision, however everything Kennedy has worked for would be taken away from him. The status he has earned for himself through his achievements would be reduced to that of one filling out an application for the very business he built from the ground up. Perhaps my imagination is limited, but I at the moment I cannot imagine a greater humiliation. This is what socialism looks like.

The discussion of the workplace horror at Noodles begins at 3:38 in the following clip.

Warning: Video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion advised.

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