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Media Matters Honcho, Libtalker Find Humor in Attack on Fox News Reporter


Via The Radio Equalizer:

Courtesy of libtalker Stephanie Miller and Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, enjoy today's example of "progressive" civility. Who knew a reporter being attacked while covering an angry (leftist) mob could be so funny?

It's a real laff riot!

Listen as Miller, her producer and Boehlert yuk it up while airing audio of Fox News reporter Mike Tobin surrounded by a hostile crowd of Madison liberals...

And transcript also courtesy of Brian Maloney (full transcript available here):

BOEHLERT: I didn’t hear any Washington, I didn’t see any Washington Post demonstrations etc. Now this is I was just looking at some clips of this and then later over at some point over the weekend he and this reporter and Geraldo had an on-air pity party and the reporter talked about how these protesters, just hate free speech and hate diversity of viewpoint and you can see the hatred in their eyes.

[Miller laughing in the background]

You just have to laugh. I mean this coming from someone who works for a station that essentially concocts hate on an hourly basis. They’re stunned when they go out into the real world when they venture beyond they’re right wing bubble you know that people don’t like them and they’re going to express them with free speech. So yeah, it’s been kind of funny to watch.

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