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MSNBC Host Praises Foul-Mouthed Rahm Emanual Twitter Impersonator


"Your next m*****f***ing mayor."

For some reason beyond my understanding, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell welcomed Dan Sinker to his primetime program Friday night, a man who made a name for himself by tweeting vulgar insults and curse-laden notes under the handle "MayorEmanuel" via Twitter.

I'm not actually sure which is more distressing: the fact MSNBC thought the man's "work" was praiseworthy enough to grant him his first national television interview, or the fact "MayorEmanuel" came to the national forefront because some people and media thought his foul-mouthed dispatches actually belonged to former White House chief of staff and Chicago's new mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel.

Meet "MayorEmanuel": "Your next m*****f***ing mayor. Get used to it, a**h***s."

He's classy in the kind of way anybody would be when tweeting such intellectual gems as "WHAT THE M*****F***ING F***?" and "CODE F***ING RED: Whoever scheduled me to be at both a candidate forum and a debate tonight is going on my c***-punch list."

On Feb. 22, "MayorEmanuel" sent this lovely message to conservative blogger Michelle Malkin: "Just so we're perfectly f***ing clear here: You're a crazy f***ing s***wad. Enjoy your night."

O'Donnell praises Sinker, a journalism professor, for his juvenile stunt, calling it "fascinating style of fiction writing."

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