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Love of Country Contributed to Affair': AP Headline Distorts Gingrich Statement


An interview with CBN's David Brody has liberal media twisting the words of potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich.

Following the interview, the Associated Press produced this headline: "Gingrich: Love of Country Contributed to Affair".

"Gingrich was talking about how his love of country contributed to his hard-charging work ethic," Brody said. "That ultimately led him down a path that was not conducive to a happy family life. But to make the link from “love of country” to the “affairs” is extremely misleading. Furthermore, that isn’t even the headline to the story. How about 'Gingrich Owns Up to Past Infidelity?' I have a few more but I have no desire to be an AP headline writer. Then again maybe I should."

The AP wasn't the only media outlet to put words in Gingrich's mouth. On Wednesday, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell slammed Gingrich for ostensibly blaming America for his past infidelity:

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is “Exhibit A” as to why conservatives believe the mainstream media has a liberal bias," Brody wrote Wednesday.


The AP has changed its story headline. The story now falls under, "Work for Nation Factor in Indiscretions."

"By the way, I'm available 24/7 for headline consulting," Brody writes.

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