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Amtrak Gravy Train Pulls Into Wilmington's Over-Budget 'Joe Biden' Station


Amtrak's move to re-name Wilmington, Delaware's train station to the Joseph R. Biden Station should surprise no one.  As a Senator, the VP frequented the station as he commuted from DC to his home in Wilmington.  And back in May of 2009, Biden also made it known that he was personally involved in directing some $20 million in stimulus funds to the proposed $32 million dollar makeover of the station.

It should also not surprise anyone to discover that the project's projected cost of $32 million ballooned to $37.7 million.  Hey, 'free wi-fi' does not come cheap.

The Washington Times covered the story and shared a quote from Leslie Paige, the spokesperson of Citizens Against Government Waste:

“It’s an absolutely perfect monument to a guy whose entire history has been overspending and overpromising,” she said. “It would make sense [Mr. Biden‘s] name would be slapped on a bloated, over-budget train station in Wilmington.”
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