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JP Morgan Responds to Radical Leftist‘s ’Irresponsible’ Economic Plot


"The best way for the American economy to recover is for businesses of all kinds to thrive..."

Earlier this week, The Blaze brought you a shocking audio recording of community organizers, socialists and union leaders discussing tactics and strategies to destroy the American economy. Specifically, you heard SEIU's Stephen Lerner describe how an organized homeowner mortgage strike against banking giant JP Morgan could help propel a devastating downward economic spiral.  As conservative radio host Glenn Beck has described, the uncovered audio demonstrates far-left's economic terrorism playbook.

Although the White House has failed to comment on Lerner's apparent past meetings with high-level administration officials and the SEIU is reluctant to confirm his official employment status, JP Morgan has released this statement responding to the progressive's anti-capitalist plot:

“We think it is irresponsible for individuals to advocate that people take actions to harm America, its economy and its companies.  Our firm plays a key role helping people purchase and remain in their homes, finance their educations, and secure their retirements.  We believe the best way for the American economy to recover is for businesses of all kinds to thrive, create new jobs, and contribute to the economic growth our country needs.”

Also on Thursday, a Business Insider commentator offered this additional analysis of the plot and its potential ramifications for the nation (emphasis theirs):

[Lerner] won’t say it, but I bet he wants to be the one redistributing the wealth of Wall St. (Some pigs are more equal than others…)

He will not create a level playing field.

He will not legalize the Constitution.

He will not return to honest money.

He will not End the Fed.

He will not protect property rights.

He will not let you have a choice.

His plan causes chaos to bring down a paradigm, only for him and his crew to fill the power vacuum, which is exactly what the Bolsheviks did in Russia. They got people all whipped up to take something down and in the void the Communists took absolute power. Attacking JP Morgan does not make them an ally, only another collectivist trying to get something for nothing.[...]

There are two Revolutions are coming to America.

The Constitutional Revolution has only happened once in history and created the last best hope for humanity.

The Collectivist Revolution has been tried hundreds of times throughout history.

It has a death toll and economic record so horrendous, only a psychopath could enjoy it.

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