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Irony: New Pro-Life Billboards Feature President Obama


"These are babies who could grow to be the future presidents of the United States..."

How's this for irony: a new set of pro-life billboards is set to debut today in Chicago, and they're featuring abortion advocate Barack Obama.

The ads are from the same group, Life Always, that caused a ruckus in New York last month when it used a stock image of a young black girl on a billboard with the phrase, "The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in The Womb.” The ad was eventually removed by the ad company after intense pressure.

The group's new ads will feature a graphic of Obama next to the statement, “Every 21 Minutes, Our Next Possible Leader Is Aborted.” Over 30 of them will appear on Chicago's South side -- a predominately black area.

"Our future leaders are being aborted at an alarming rate," Life Always board member Reverend Derek McCoy said in a press release. "These are babies who could grow to be the future presidents of the United States, or the next Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, or Maya Angelou."

The billboards are meant to target the disproportionate number of abortions in the black community, which the group says comprises 13 percent of the population but 36 percent of abortions.

"The potential of a community lies in its children," said fellow board member Pastor Stephen Broden. "If we aren't having them, our potential is lost."

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