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Did Obama Call the Libyan Situation a 'Turd Sandwich?' (NBC Anchor Says 'Yes')


Don't call it a Kinetic Military Action!

Yet another neck-snapping moment provided by one of the MSNBC anchors.

Savannah Guthrie was part of the 'panel' on Meet The Press this past Sunday and she gave us all one for the video clip file. This was all happening in advance of the President's Monday night address to the nation.

'And the President is obviously not happy with his set of choices. One person told me, in a meeting he called this military action in Libya a 'turd sandwich' but he was quoting one of his national security aides who likes to use that term.'

If you just want the short clip. . . here is the instant replay of Savannah's last sentence;

Can you imagine what the reaction if an American president described the situation he faced as a 'turd sandwich?'  Part of me wants the President to be that honest with the American people, and another part wonders how many of us would be able to handle that much honesty?

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