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Watch: Glenn Interviews 12-Year-Old Boy Genius Who Wants to Disprove Big Bang


Played Beethoven at 3 years old.

He learned the theory of relativity at 10 years old! Read The Blaze's original report about Jacob Barnett, the boy with a beautiful mind, here.

Glenn interviewed the child prodigy--and the child prodigy's parents--on Fox News tonight. Just one of many highlights: Barnett's mother explains that when Jacob was three years old, they were at a store when he walked over to a roll out piano and just began to play Beethoven.

Check out the rest of the interview here. After you click on the link, go to the 9 minute mark to pick up where the Fox clip left you off.

Here's a picture of Jacob and Glenn in Glenn's New York City offices. Look closely at the window in the background, where Jacob wrote some mathematical equations.

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