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This is Why We Don't Trust White People': Farrakhan Continues Defense of 'Brother' Gadhafi


"called all these ugly and filthy names"

Louis Farrakhan -- leader of the Nation of Islam -- is at it again, spewing hate and standing in solidarity with his "brother" Moammar Gadhafi.

(Watch our video on Farrakhan's previous Gadhafi statement.)

Farrakhan called an over two hour "press conference" Thursday in which he railed against the real "mad dogs" in Washington and vowed that he would stand with Gadhafi despite America's intervention in Libya:

The Chicago Tribune reported that Farrakhan went as far as to warn that destruction could be coming to America because of its arrogance:

Warning that destruction could be on America's doorstep because it oppresses “God's chosen people,” Minister Louis Farrakhan, the controversial Nation of Islam leader, defended Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi today, calling the U.S. action in Libya hypocrisy.

Speaking from the pulpit of Chicago's Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam's international headquarters, purchased 40 years ago with a $3 million loan from Gadhafi, Farrakhan blamed demons for altering President Barack Obama's moral conscience and driving the assault on Gadhafi, who he calls a brother.

“It is a terrible thing for me to hear my brother called all these ugly and filthy names when I can't recognize him as that,” Farrakhan said to the crowd assembled at the mosque on Chicago's South Side. “Even though the current tide is moving against him … how can I refuse to raise my voice in his defense? Why would I back down from those who have given so much?” [...]

On Thursday, Farrakhan said scenes from an earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged Japan inspired him to warn the American people about an impending natural disaster that will punish them for their arrogance.

“A major earthquake is on the way to you and me and us,” he said. “Death and destruction is at the door of all of us, and we are worse prepared than the Japanese.”

Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, once gave Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award and said he "truly epitomized greatness."

The entire, lengthy speech is below:

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