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Tiger Mom Vindicated! Daughter Gets Into Harvard, Proving Chinese Mothers Are...Superior?


Via Business Insider:

Amy Chua, the Yale law professor who enraged parents and morning show viewers everywhere when she published her parenting book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, must be feeling somewhat vindicated today.

Chua's eldest daughter was just accepted to Harvard.

Chua, better known as Tiger Mom, made headlines earlier this year for preaching the benefits of ultra strict parenting practices -- rooted in her own Chinese upbringing.

The WSJ article that accompanied the release of her book was called "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" and preached a childhood free of video games, playdates, and TV and listed all the ways in which Western parents are failures.

Some readers went so far as to call her abusive.

You can read Chua's provocative WSJ article, "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior," here.

Chua's militant parenting style has been met with a great deal of harsh criticism. But Above the Law observes that you can't argue with success:

You can criticize all you want, but you can’t argue with success. Above the Law has confirmed that Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, the oldest daughter of Amy Chua and fellow YLS [Yale Law School] professor Jed Rubenfeld, received her Harvard acceptance earlier this week. Sophia has already made up her mind that Harvard is where she’ll attend college. (Can you blame her for wanting to trade New Haven for Cambridge?)

Harvard is a pretty selective school, no doubt, but Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld is one hot applicant:

She’s not only beautiful and brilliant — in Amy Chua’s memoir, she alludes to her daughter’s academic prowess — but she’s also extremely talented. As we all know by now, Sophia made her Carnegie Hall piano debut at the tender age of 14. That’s extremely impressive, even by Harvard standards.

Sophia’s also a superb writer. The defense of her mother that she wrote for the New York Post is impressive — smart yet conversational, as well as thoughtful and funny. But Sophia’s essay about her Carnegie Hall performance, excerpted in Tiger Mother, puts the Post piece to shame. It possesses eloquence and elegance not often found in the writing of people twice or three times Sophia’s age.

Finally, Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld had one other significant factor in her favor with respect to Harvard: legacy status, as the daughter of two Harvard-educated parents. Amy Chua graduated from Harvard College in 1984 and Harvard Law School in 1987, and Jed Rubenfeld graduated from Harvard Law School in 1986. (He went to Princeton for undergrad.)

Here's the brilliant family:

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