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Who Sent a Bloody Pig's Foot & Anti-Semitic Note to Rep. Peter King?


The note referenced King's controversial hearings about Muslim extremism

CBS news reports:

Authorities intercepted a parcel this morning addressed to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) containing a bloody pig's foot and a derogatory message, a source has confirmed to CBS News.

The parcel was intercepted at the Congressional mail facility in Landover, Maryland, where mail sent to lawmakers is screened for security risks.

The U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Postal Service confirmed that there is an open investigation, though would not confirm the details of what was contained in the parcel because the investigation is ongoing. King's office, which did not see the parcel, referred all questions to the Capitol Police.

According to the Postal Service, a hazardous materials response team tested the parcel and found it to be non-hazardous.

NBC adds that the note's "derogatory message" was in fact of an anti-Semitic nature (Rep. King himself is Catholic).

The note allegedly referenced Rep. King's radical Islam hearings:

A Capitol Hill source tells NBC that the Washington D.C. office of Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) was sent a bloody pig's foot with a note attached that contained anti-Semitic ramblings.

The note referenced King's controversial hearing last month about Muslim extremism within the United States.

For more on King's controversial hearings, check out our coverage here.

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