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O'Reilly & Imus Speculate About Beck's Future on TV


"He's got The Blaze, which is a very good website..."

Speculating about Glenn Beck's future on TV is something of an amateur sport these days.  And it is understandable that Don Imus would ask Bill O'Reilly for his thoughts this morning.  Here's what Bill had to say (transcript courtesy of Mediate):

“I don’t know, I mean, this guy is building quite an empire. Glenn Beck, like him or not, I mean he’s a savvy business guy. He’s building up – he’s got The Blaze, which is a very good website. . . . Television for me is my main deal, but not for him. So I guess it’s a business decision.”

To watch the clip go here.

And our thanks to Mr. O'Reilly for The Blaze shout-out!

More from Mediaite:

O’Reilly also listed Beck’s “powerful” radio show, Internet presence, and appearances throughout the country, concluding “he’s all over the place, so it’s a business decision that he’s going to make.” Imus joked that Beck’s radio show is “marginally good,” but since Imus also claimed “I love Beck,” it seems that he was slightly disappointed that Fox’s main guy wasn’t more optimistic that Beck would stay within the Fox family.

Glenn may have been watching Imus this morning, because he talked about the segment on the radio this morning:

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